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without using the mouse how to move the crusher from one sheet to other sheet


How to Change Worksheet Tab Colors in Excel - ThoughtCo

Jun 4, 2017 ... Change Worksheet Tab Colors Using Keyboard Keys or the Mouse ... not have to be held down while the other keys are pressed, as with some ... Ctrl + PgDn - move to the sheet on the right Ctrl + PgUp - move to the sheet on the left ... 1. Right click on the tab of the worksheet you want to re-color to make it...

What is the Excel shortcut for copy/moving a tab from one worksheet ...

This skill is ridiculously easy (four steps), but unfortunately not intuitive at all. Welcome to ... Turn passive listeners into active participants with an interactive presentation. ... Still holding the Ctrl key - drag your held mouse cursor to the right so that the little black triangle moves to a new position - notice the new position of the...

Shortcut to Move between Two Worksheets (Microsoft Excel)

You can easily move between worksheets in a workbook by using Ctrl+Pg Up and Ctrl+Pg ... One macro would jump to Sheet1 and the other to Sheet4. ... The macro simply checks to see which worksheet is currently displayed. ... You might not want the macro to do anything unless either Sheet1 or Sheet4 is displayed.

Shortcut to Switch Worksheet Tabs in Excel - ThoughtCo

May 10, 2017 ... How to Move Around and Between Worksheet Tabs in Excel ... which, at times, can be easier - and quicker - to use than the mouse. ... Ctrl + PgUp (page up) - move one sheet to the left Ctrl + PgDn (page down) - move one sheet to the right ... Although using Go To is not that useful for worksheets containing...

Moving from sheet to sheet - Apache OpenOffice Wiki

Apr 13, 2008 ... Getting Started with OpenOffice 2.x ... though they can be linked with references from one sheet to another. There are three ways to navigate between different sheets in a ... Using the mouse ... The sheet tab arrows that appear in Figure 6 only appear if you have some sheet tabs that can not be seen.